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Why you need an editor

If you’re a doctoral candidate writing your dissertation, a scholar who can no longer see the hiccups in your own manuscript, or an aspiring author aiming to capture what is essential in your memoir, you need an editor. Without one, your efforts may go unrealized or unappreciated.

Are you writing a thesis, dissertation, or a work of scholarship? We can help you

  • Convey a decisive yet dialogical stance
  • Define your research methods lucidly
  • Maintain consistency: tense; point of view; APA, CMOS, MLA styles
  • Improve sentences that make heavy use of academic jargon
  • Deploy effective transitions and precision in word choice
  • Produce a manuscript that is both rigorous and illuminating

Are you writing a work of fiction, creative nonfiction or a memoir? We can help you

  • Capture and hold the reader’s attention
  • Develop interesting characters
  • Choose the right tense and point of view
  • Employ active verbs and vivid, multi-sensory description
  • Use an appropriate balance of detail
  • Create fresh metaphors and avoid cliches
  • Tap into interests and concerns that transcend narcissism and naval gazing
  • Devise an ending that is appropriate for your narrative.
  • Write an insightful, engaging work that will delight your target audience

Are you struggling with your admissions essay? We can help you

  • Find your voice
  • Avoid boring clichés
  • Achieve authenticity and originality to help you stand out
  • Use fresh metaphors to describe your experiences
  • Extract meaning from your experiences and connect it to your future career.
  • Employ sound grammar, punctuation, and varied sentence structure
  • Write a memorable essay that will impress admissions committees

How to get started

Explore this website to see published work and client testimonials. We enjoy helping people of all ages and from all walks of life write in a way that is both felicitous and impactful. We can do the same for you.


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